Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Talking to Japan

Last night I got a phone call from Japan!
My predecessor (the woman who is currently doing my job in Japan) and my Japanese supervisor called to wish me welcome and good health. Very nice of them. My supervisor is not very confident in his English skills, but my pred says that he and everyone else is extremely nice, and that in her opinion it is one of the best possible placements. And beautiful to boot. She sent me some pictures of this years cherry blossoms, and I'll try to post those too.

It sounds like I will be teaching at up to six different schools. Kamikawa has a high school, a junior high and and elementary school, and there are two more elementary schools in the area that I may also teach at.

They have sent me a big bundle of information, so I'm constantly checking the mail, even though the mailman won't be here for another hour. One thing this program has done is allowed me to get to know my mailman better -- there's always something coming in the mail from JET.

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