Sunday, July 10, 2005


I made the drive across the rockies without incident last week. We reserved a place on the ferry so we didn't get caught in the extra traffic generated by the accident at Horseshoe Bay.

The highway was only really busy from Vancouver to about the Coquihala toll booth. Driving was an interesting way to spend Canada Day. We even caught some fireworks on our way through Canmore, unlike people in Calgary where fireworks were on the 30th. The cat was very quiet and well behaved for the long, long drive. He was very relieved to get to mom and dad's place, even if there is a dog there.

So now I am relaxing in Calgary, enjoying time with my family and friends here. I'll be heading up to Edmonton at some point too! And I guess I will hit the Stampede grounds once or twice, if only for taking pictures of the cultural experience that is the Calgary Stampede for my Japanese students. After all, I think it was my excellent demonstration of calf roping that clinched my position with the JET program.

Operation: Secret Brother and Sister-in-law Visit successfully initiated.
Operation: Sister Visit remains on indefinite hold.

I should really start thinking about packing, because I leave in about two weeks! Scary stuff kiddies!

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