Friday, July 21, 2006

and now, another fun round of "test the ALT's psychic powers"!

Well, tonight I was *supposed* to be teaching a special homestay eikaiwa class. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon preparing a lesson plan, various teaching materials, and trying to figure out what would be a good final lesson. So I showed up at the school at the appointed time -- much to the surprise of the teachers. Well, that's not so unusual. They seem shocked when I show up to work at all...

So I go and start getting ready for class, and the vice-principal calls me over.

"eto -- Maryna-sensei, can you come here please?"
"Sure thing. What can I do for you?"
"Well, you see, I think there was a mix-up. I know last week we decided to change the day of the class, but then we didn't really change it. So class was yesterday."
"Yes, but you see, yesterday, none of the parents could come."
"So desu ka? Okay... well that's okay. I guess it's better that nobody came when I wasn't there to teach the class anyways... "
"We should have told you this morning, or this afternoon."
"Oh well, zannen. Nothing we can do about it. Don't worry about it."
"Maybe you and Aihara-sensei should go out for ramen?"
"That's okay, I'm sure she's busy too -- I'll just head home."
"Take some coffee!"
"Ummm... okay, I don't really need any. Really, this isn't that big of a deal..."

So, yeah. My class was changed, then unchanged. Conveniently, nobody came though. I don't know if that means people were actually too busy to go (there was a festival the same night -- I couldn't attend), or if they just didn't think the class was worthwhile. I may have made them do too much speaking*.

Ah well. To be honest, I really wasn't too upset. I really didn't want to teach a class this evening -- a terrible thing to admit, but true. So now I can work on HAJET business. Hmmm... not much better.

Tonight and this weekend I have to finish putting together this year's Newcomers Manual, along with a bunch of sales stuff for Tokyo and beyond. We're trying to expand our sales to other prefectures across Japan. I think I'll have to start getting our books printed professionally... if we start doing a lot more sales, whatever poor schlub takes over this job is going to have a HELL of a time!

I think it might be time for a real break though. I just found a typo -- in the Japanese no less! -- on the BACK COVER of the new book. The one I just finished printing and binding and am about to start selling. Sheesh! I proofed that stupid cover so many times!!!

Have a fabulous weekend all -- if you're lucky I'll be phoning you.

*I'm dead serious on that one. It seems English education in Japan a lot of times shouldn't be "too difficult". Like, include speaking. My friend's theory is that English education exists in Japan simply as a decorative component -- basically so people can understand their t-shirts. And some days that might even be true...

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