Thursday, September 28, 2006

Be on the lookout!

Yesterday, the two girls I have been having eikaiwa (english conversation) classes with left for a whirlwind tour of Canada. One of them is my former supervisor's daughter, and she is just as nice as her dad. They are both very nice girls and very keen. So keen that they've asked me to continue holding eikaiwa classes with them. I was so flattered to hear that. At least it makes me think I'm doing a good job here. Or at least getting some of my students more comfortable with trying out their English.

So watch out for a couple of Japanese high school girls and their chaperone coming to a Canadian town near you! They're covering most of the coutry -- Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, Toronto and Niagara Falls and a three day homestay in out sister town. All that in only 10 days. Makes me think of my upcoming Christmas trip home...

Monday we had our last class together, and at the end of it they suprised me with thank you gifts. It was so sweet! The week before that they invited me to the cooking club with them for a sample of okonomiyaki -- a Japanese specialty. According to the Junior High textbook we use, it looks like a pizza but tastes different. Really, it's not like a pizza at all aside from the fact that there is flour and toppings involved. But it is tasty.

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