Thursday, June 21, 2007

working from home

Thanks to my supremely cool office, I'm working from home today. Which means that I shouldn't really be updating my blog and adding pictures to my flickr, but that's way more fun than sorting through clothes/ papers/ books/ etc and packing. Besides, it's more work than I would be doing at the office anyways...

Since last weekend's birthday madness, things have slowed down a bit. I've been trying really hard to catch up on sleep, and there hasn't been much else. Last night I had a shodo class so I stayed up late (until 10!) clearing out my bedroom closet. Why is there so much crap in my apartment?

So that's what I'll be up to today. With a jaunt to the high school later for some English conversation and a barbecue this evening with some friends. I hope it doesn't rain -- I'm looking forward to eating outside.

ps --Thanks to everyone who called/ emailed/ sent presents. Especially the unexpected ones. Boo sucks to everyone that didn't. Yes, I'm very immature, and not old enough yet to start forgetting about my own birthday.

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