Monday, July 02, 2007

you can touch the stars from the top of the hill

Apparently, the name of our campsite had something to do with that. Other campsite features included a beautiful view, a great sunset and a whole lot of mosquitos. With a taste for my beltline. And as always happens when you camp, it didn't get warm until everyone had to leave.

That was the HAJET annual Summer Meeting. It's the meeting I don't like. With only a month to go on the JET year, you have to say goodbye to everybody that's leaving, and it's not terribly fun. Well, the barbeque, the camping, the trivia contest and champagne* are fun. Realizing that this is probably the last time you will ever talk to a lot of people is kind of a downer. This year it seems everybody is leaving too. Including me. Which changes the perspective. I'm really excited about the prospect of going home. I know where I'll be living, and what I'll be doing for at least 4 months. Both good things.

Bad things? A lot of pictures that look like this:

And those are just MY bad pictures... yikes! To be fair, that last one is after two days of camping...

*After getting so many bottles of champagne for my birthday this year, I've taken up drinking champagne. It makes everything more festive! And camping mimosas are a wonderful thing.

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