Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm baaaaaaack...

And it seems I have been here for a while... I'm having a hard time a) believing I'm back in Canada, b) that I've already been here a week and c) that I'll be moving to Quebec (more specifically Trois-Rivieres) in less than a week.

So yeah. It's been a bit of a whirlwind tour here. I flew into Vancouver last week with my sister*, met up with my boyfriend, and we all drove to Victoria to get my things out of storage. We were in Victoria for all of a day moving, so if I missed meeting up with people -- well, that's what happened. We were busy.

Hoping to get a good start on the day, we caught the 6am ferry back to the mainland (getting up at 4am to do so!) and started the trek over the mountains. We made it as far as Revelstoke before we were too tired to go any further.

We did make it to Calgary eventually, just in time to drive north to Edmonton for my cousin's wedding. It was lovely, though a bit of a headtrip seeing so much family at once. I was really glad that it worked out that I was able to go to the wedding and see some people before I move away again.

So, the last few days in Calgary have been spent mostly at the dentist it feels like. That's not really true. I also took the boy to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs.

* But not really with her. I flew directly to Vancouver while the sister flew via London. England. Nothing says fun like a 12 hour flight followed by a 9 hour flight.

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Hey, are you changing the name of your blog to anyram does quebec?