Friday, November 10, 2006

All-singing, all-dancing redux

This afternoon it's off to Toka-ko (another place I never thought I'd be headed to multiple times) for this year's inaugural musical rehearsal. Parts will be announced, songs will be sung, and fun times will occur.

This year, the Hokkaido Players will be performing "Peter Pan: The Musical". I've never heard it or seen it. And no, it isn't the same as the stage play or the Disney version. It's British. Which makes it talk funny and enjoy bland cuisine.

Sadly, there will be no flying above the stage, removing one of the most fun aspects of the show. But, it's understandable. Last year we had problems getting venues because of the dangers of letting foreigners take to the stage. Imagine the trouble there would be if we let foreigners use harnesses and rigging to take flight off the stage! Ah, insurance. She is a harsh mistress. She doesn't even let me drive during work hours.

So far, I haven't seen any further snowfall, so I'm hoping for a nice drive down south. I'm also hoping for a fun group of people. Last year's cast was incredibly fun so this year's group will have some big shoes to fill...

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