Friday, December 01, 2006

Weather Woes

You crazy Canadians and your bad weather are great for making conversation in Japan. Instead of last year, when all I had to report was unseasonably warm temperatures and a lack of snow, this year I get to talk about -40 and snow in Vancouver. Well, I hope you're all keeping warm out there. Thanks for making me feel warmer, even when I can see my breath in the halls at school and spend my nights huddled next to the heater.

It also makes for fun demonstrations of things like "block heater". You try explaining that to someone in Japanese. Fun times, ne?

If you're interested, the weather here isn't nearly that cold. However, it has been snowing continuously since the night before last. That's a lot of snow. My friends down near Sapporo don't have anything that is sticking around. I may have problems finding my house tonight.

And with that thought in mind I'm taking off to Sapporo for the week. Sunday is test day, Wednesday and Thursday is the annual mid-year conference, and Monday and Tuesday I'd much rather take off than come to work. Just as well -- turns out I don't have classes either day.

Please enjoying a good week.

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