Thursday, April 12, 2007

Musical Montage

Hamanaka-cho Rehearsal April 7—8, 2007

Cue Music: 桜んぼう

Our protagonist finishes work.
Walks home to get ready to go out again.
Clothes are changed, bags are thrown together.
Set out on foot for a local restaurant.
Meet up with the office for a farewell/welcome party.
Eating, drinking, talking, spilling drinks.
Her ride meets her near the restaurant.
They pick up a box of papers at her office.
Stop at her house to get her bags – finish packing first!
Drive through the mountains.
Meet the next leg of the carpool in a parking lot.
Follow their clown car to the driver’s house.
Meet the final member of the carpool.
Arrange people and stuff in the car – multiple trips back into the house/trunk/backseat.
On the road!
The backseat shares a bottle of wine.
Stop at a conbini for a pee and snack break.
Make some new friends from Tokyo – pictures and introductions outside the conbini.
Stop at an outside onsen on the lake.
Back on the road.
As the sun is rising, the car reaches the ocean.
Stop at the beach to watch the sunrise.
Lost in Kiritappu – where is the kominkan??
Make a phone call to find out, and discover it is directly in front of them.
Morning preview of the big show for the people in town.
More rehearsal.
Light sticks are produced, karaoke attempted.
Drinking and fun until everyone goes to.
Morning ride to the conbini for breakfast.
Run through.
Finish up – notes, cleaning and packing up.
Back in the car.
Driving in Nemuro – signs are in Russian, telling the Russians they aren’t so welcome.
Lunch at a ramen shop. More making friends.
Stop at a conbini in Shari, decide to make it to Abashiri.
Drive some more to Tanno.
Parting of the ways.
More driving, this time through the mountains.
Meet a cop car, and have to drive slow.
Cop car pulls over, top speed again!
Finally make it home.
Pass out in bed.

Estimated time from my home to the rehearsal: 6 hours one way.
Total time in a car with four other people: 20 hours
Time spent sleeping: 10 hours
Number of conbinis stopped at in transit: 4
Number of new friends who live in Tokyo: 2
Hours spent listening to a CBC Radio podcast: 2
Hours spent discussing the contents of the podcast: numerous
Amount of alcohol drunk on Friday night: 2 bottles of wine, one bottle of gin
Number of people in the car: 5
Time spent rehearsing: 10 hours
Number of completed runs: 0

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