Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bon odori dance

Tonight, instead of being a good little girl and going home to prepare for the first day of school tomorrow, I went to the last night of the Obon festival, the Bon odori. This is the dance that finishes off Obon, and sends the ancestors spirits home on a good note. I danced more than a few rounds and had a lot of fun. The first part of the evening is the family dance, and then everyone else joins in. The dance is basically a big circle dance, with a series of shuffling steps and some arm swaying and clapping. After a few tries I had it mostly figured out, but I was still upstaged by the trail of little kids who wanted to show me the right way to do it.


fvr8toy said...

Hope you have a good first day at school! You were alway a fast study in picking up dance steps and am sure you did very well.

Granville Is. Go Go's said...

Hope your first day of school went well. We are really enjoying your blog.

Take Care : )