Monday, August 15, 2005

Horse in thought

Horse in thought
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This really has nothing to do with anything, but I love the picture. It's from a couple of weeks ago, when Ruth was supposed to be packing.

Friday I got my pretty new girly pink cell phone -- I wanted an orange one, but they were all out so I had to settle for pink. The new cell gets TV reception, and does the telephone, email, camera and dictionary things as well.

Wednesday is the opening ceremony for school, so I should really be preparing an introduction in Japanese... yikes. Too bad I don't speak Japanese...

Other than that, I spent the weekend rearranging furniture and sorting through all the stuff left over from previous people who have lived in this apartment. Didn't I just finish doing this???


fvr8toy said...

It looks like my first blog responce took - hurrray! The horsey head looks pretty. Sounds like you have a very fancy phone. Does it cost a fortune to use for airtime? What does it cost to watch TV?

anyram said...

I have no idea how much it costs to watch the TV -- the reception here is pretty bad anyways. I can't even remember what the monthly charge is for the phone service... I went with the cheapest plan available though!