Monday, May 15, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Big Show!

One down, two to go!
This weekend in Iwamizawa was the first performance of the Hokkaido Players musical extravaganza. Things went pretty well I think, and I was really happy to see so many of my friends (especially my Japanese friends who drove almost three hours to see me) in the audience. Even my 8 months pregnant JTE drove herself down to see the show!

We've come a long way since we auditioned in October, especially considering most of us have no theater experience and we could only get together to practice once a month. I took pictures from the wings during one of our dress rehearsals, so I'll post some as soon as I go through the pictures.

In other news, I finished printing and binding a run of 50 copies of one of eight HAJET Publications in time for shipping it to JET Recontracting conferences next year. Now I just need to start printing the rest of our books. Yay! Thank goodness I have such a great office -- while I was away they finished all of my printing for me, and today half the office helped me sort through and bind books.

Here's hoping everything else goes smoothly with publications... it's giving me too much stress being in charge of HAJET's biggest money-maker.

Right. Back to getting books ready to ship out on Wednesday.

Happy Mothers Day!

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