Friday, May 25, 2007

crabby patty

I'm crabby today.

Maybe it's the one, count 'em, ONE class today. Or that everyone else is busy with sports day.* Or that I still seem to be doing an awful lot of work for HAJET Publications, despite no longer actually being the publisher. ** Or that I'm really tired. And hungry. Or that I'm really tired of sitting at my desk doing nothing when I should be packing, cleaning my apartment, arranging travel plans, etc.

It's probably that last one. Really sucks when you have to be at a desk not doing anything when you have a lot of other things you could and should be doing.

* Sports day where the students get to decide what sports they do -- maybe I'm just getting to that stage in life where I've started saying things like "In my day, we didn't have any of that "choice" nonsense! We had to do every sport! Even if we didn't want to! And we were bad at it! And we liked it!" I was, suffice it to say, surprised that Japanese school kids are offered a choice of what sports to do. Then again, the most important event seems to be the group choreographed cheering. In my day, we had none of that...

** Despite all evidence to the contrary.

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