Monday, May 28, 2007

no more musical, no more books

And lo, a great sigh of relief went throughout the land, as the 2007 edition of the Hokkaido Players musical finished at last. Three performances, rehearsals since October? November? Who can remember so long ago? Way too much time driving across Hokkaido. For those of you who think Japan is a small country, think again. It really isn't. It only looks small because it's next to Russia, China and the Pacific Ocean.

The performances went well, and it was a lot of fun being on stage. At least for me. Then again, I got to be a pirate. And pirates are cool.

If you want to see pictures, I didn't take any. But a lot of other people did. You can see some of those pictures here, at our group flickr site.

Our last performance was only two hours from me (yay!) so that my friends in town could come, and even my boss! He brought his three daughters and totally shocked me that he made it. I hope they all had fun. His youngest daughter is still terrified of me. At least she didn't cry this time... to be fair, she is only three.

This weekend was also the end of my tenure as the HAJET Publications Coordinator. Friday night I finished binding my last book (it's really depressing being the last person at work on a Friday when you're the ALT and your job consists mainly of sitting at your desk looking foreign), packed the whole lot up and brought them to our final performance to pawn them off on the new Pubs Coordinator. But not before taking care of the shipping for the first set of meetings. Hooray for packing. Now I can finally focus on doing some of my own.

Now that I no longer have to make books or travel ridiculous distances on weekends, I will probably have more time to update this thing, when I'm not packing my house or preparing for a new ALT to take over my job. I'll be leaving Japan in a short nine weeks...

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