Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm gonna live foreva! Baby remember my name!

Our last musical rehearsal made it into Hokkaido's biggest newspaper -- The Hokkaido Shimbun.

See here!

I'm on the far left, sporting Mickey Mouse gloves and my fabulous, new "70's era Exploding Pizza logo" CBC t-shirt. Thanks Nikk-i! The majority of the cast is performing here in "Luck be a Lady".

The article says something along the lines of:
From Iwamizawa and elsewhere, a group of ALTs under the name of the "Hokkaido Players" held a rehearsal for their May performance. This Saturday, they held a preview in Iwamizawa's High School Gym. Every year, the "crazy foreigners" (no, it doesn't really say that, it says "gaikokujin") put on an English musical in Hokkaido. This year's musical is "Guys and Dolls", set in 1940s New York. The 30 member troupe was in Iwamizawa for a three day rehearsal. Reherasals were held at the same school. Ten people attended the preview.

The last bit talks about our performance dates.

I guess that studying is paying off -- I figured out what that article said (for the most part) all by myself. Except the headline. I read it as "English something enjoy something something something". Not quite the impact the author had in mind, I'm sure.

Today Hokkaido; tomorrow, the world!

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