Tuesday, February 21, 2006

High School 英会話

After school on Monday, I had a short English conversation class with a couple of the second year students. I didn't really want to do it (still being exhausted from travelling and musicalling), but one of the students is very dedicated, and it's nice to have someone at that school who is interested in English. Besides, she is a very cool student. She's into cars -- specifically racing them -- which is an extremely unusual hobby for a Japanese high school girl. And she's confident enough to approach me outside of classes.

It was an interesting session. There were no real teachers on hand -- they were all in a meeting, no doubt preparing for graduation ceremonies next week. So it was just me, Taka and her friend (who isn't as keen on English, but comes anyways). We talked about differences between the Japanese and Canadian school year, schedules, and differences in classes. It was a challenge for the students to converse with me without the benefit of a teacher nearby to provide an instantaneous translation, but probably one of the better conversation classes we've had.

At the end of class, Taka gave me a letter. We've been corresponding a little, and one of her last letters was folded. I asked her to show me how, thinking it would be a good eikaiwa exercise. Instead I got this letter, which is much cooler! If you can't tell from the picture, she made tiny, step-by-step examples to show me how to fold a letter. Neat, huh? Or maybe I'm just entertained.

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