Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's enjoy pictures!

I was sent a link to a bunch of photos of our last rehearsal in Hobetsu.
Take a look. I thought I'd share it, since I don't take many pictures of myself, and there are some, shall we say, interesting ones of me here.

They were taken by the husband of one of our Hot Box Dancers/Gangsters. He isn't in the musical, but came to watch us rehearse and support his wife. And take fun pictures of us in action. It's hard to take pictures when you have to be on stage. I didn't realize until I saw these just how funny we look in our gangster hats and winter woolies. Too bad there's no picture of me in my "actress" ensemble; toque, mittens, down vest, leopard print scarf and a big pair of sunglasses. Very high class. That's what happens when you have rehearsals in large, poorly heated gyms. We may be dancing up a storm, but it's cold when you stop moving!

Our next rehearsal is the weekend I get back from my last minute vacation. I know I read somewhere that the best cure for jetlag is two days of singing, dancing and carousing...

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