Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blue Mountain Big Band

I managed to get roped into singing in a band. There's a Charity Concert going on in my town about a month from now, and one of my friends had asked me to form a band with him. I guess I'm just *that* good at karaoke. Or people are being waaaay too nice to me. Quite possibly the latter -- after you get commended for you pro-star chopstick usage for about the ten-thousandth time, you don't take compliements from your Japanese friends so seriously anymore.


The band has turned out to be just me and my friend "Boss", who plays a kick-ass guitar. We do covers, because I am not a real singer, and I'm really just in the band for my excellent English pronounciation. And the children -- won't someone please think of the children? My lounge singer act is going to kick ass when I get back.

Lots of Beatles, some Cream and even Queen. Hey -- I make a better Freddie Mercury than
Paul Rogers. Full disclosure; I haven't actually heard him fronting for Queen, but come on! There is no replacement for Freddie Mercury! Unless it's me.

And I was able to get out of singing any Carpenters. Please -- there's no way I'm singing "Top of the World" unless my life depends on it.

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