Tuesday, October 24, 2006

now with more paper

Just got back from a super fun trip to the cheap paper store. Okay, so it wasn't really that fun. But I did get to buy enough paper to fill up the back of my Minica. Six boxes, and ready for action. Photocopier action that is...

I've got a brand new manuscript and another one on the way. Actually, if I play my cards right (or something) I could have a third new manuscript ready to go by April. Oh wait, I mean a fourth -- I forgot I had a previous manuscript produced during my unholy reign of bookbinding. Or bibliopegy (which sounds a lot cooler than plain old book binding).

From A Word A Day,
bibliopegy (bib-lee-OP-uh-jee) noun

The art and craft of binding books.

[From Greek biblio- (book) + pegnynai (to fasten).]

-Anu Garg (garg wordsmith.org)

A unexpectedly appropriate word that appeared in my inbox recenty. I'm a subscriber to the daily word from this site. Not only is it entertaining and educational, it's also free! Yay fun!

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