Monday, October 23, 2006

there and back again

This past weekend was the HAJET Fall (or Autumn if you prefer) Meeting. This year it was held in Obihiro, a city about two hours to the south of me. I drove out with a couple of other people to enjoy getting out of town, speaking some English at near-native speeds, and of course, participate in the Halloween costume contest. This year there was a bowl-a-thon too, where I sponsored myself, because my friends in town do enough to help me out, and I don't like hitting other people up for money.

It was a good weekend.

Friday night I sampled the specialty of Obihiro -- butadon. It's basically a bowl of rice topped with pork, but damn, was there some good butadon to be had. I ended up at a hole in the wall place that is apparently famous, and supposed to have a constant line-up. Well, there was no line-up, but I can see why their butadon is famous. Oishikatta!

The rest of the evening was actually spent collating. It seems I can't escape it, even when I go away for the weekend. I got the very special task of putting together the HAJET Directory.

After that, I hit the theater and saw Black Dahlia. It wasn't as good as L.A. Confidential, but I enjoyed it. Then again, the last movie I saw in theatres was Superman. Which I also thought was entertaining. And before that was MI:3, which sucked, but was in English and they blew stuff up. I think. It was a few months ago. The longer I spend in Japan, the less snobby I am about movies. I'd love to hear what other people thought of the Black Dahlia. Hint: That means you should be posting comments or sending me an email. Subtle, ne?

The remainder of the evening was at a host bar called Harry's Rod. A really nice, upscale kind of joint with lots of cute waiters. Because is was a host bar. Where the waiters are supposed to come and flirt with the female clientele. And it was all girls in the place except for our group. We played cribbage and pick the cutest waiter late into the night, until it was decided that we should head back so we would be functional for the PC Board meeting in the morning.

Meetings were held, things were discussed, and stuff was voted on. Wheee!

In the afternoon I hopped a bus down to the bowling alley where I wowed everyone with my complete lack of bowling skills. I won a very special prize: not only the prize of shame for being beaten by a four-year-old, but also for having the lowest score out of everyone there. I choose to believe it is due to my much greater skills at 5 pin bowling, the great Canadian sport, which nobody else has ever heard of. Yes, I was playing with a bunch of Americans. You know how it is. A lot of ins, a lot of outs, and dude -- the kid and his lane-mates had the bumpers on! I should have been playing with them! Maybe a White Russian would have helped...

Ah well, it was fun anyways.

The evening was the great Halloween costume enkai. I recycled my birthday party costume, because how often will I get to dress up as a pink power ranger with extra penis powers? Well I guess I could dress like that every day, but it would cause me to seriously question my sanity. Even more than usual. I got a few votes, but I didn't win. Maybe people were afraid of the penis? Or they just thought I was a standard issue power ranger...

Best Overall Costume: Luke as a full on geisha. Looked good because you couldn't see his legs ;)
Most Original Costume: Jaime as Strawberry Shortcake. Is this an original costume? Discuss.
Most Half-Assed: Shane as a Black Eyed Pea. I liked Chuck Norris better. Mostly because he was a blond dude who was dressed vaguely Chuck Norris (a la Walker: Texas Ranger). How much more half assed can you get?

I guess I should have voted...

Sunday morning, after the party (always the best time for a singing try-out) auditions for the musical were held. Next, next weekend is the first rehersal. All the way in Toya-ko. Like Muroran, somewhere I thought I wouldn't be going again this year... Yay! Musical!

After some omiyage buying, it was back home through the mountains. Where there was the unexpected bonus of snow. Good thing I've already (or still) got my winter tires on as there was enough that it was actually staying on the road. Gross. Within a week or two it will have made it's way down the mountains to where I'll be huddled next to my kerosene heater.

Only 8 months of winter to go!

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