Monday, October 16, 2006

procrastination boogaloo

Here I am, supposed to be finishing work on the 300 pound gorilla sitting in my living room, but so far I'm successfully avoiding the beast. So far this evening, I have:

- stayed late at work to bind books (one hundred more copies to go on this title! Only three more titles of 200-250 copies each to go!)

- made lovely dinner: rice, spinach with garlic and lemon and onions, and grilled hoke -- some kind of fish that is best served cut in half and grilled.

- found a lovely new blog site here, because I really don't want to touch the pile of dishes making dinner has created.

- thought about taking some self portraits after finding a super-cool group on

- fielded phone calls from fellow HAJET editors (and soon to be musical directors -- musical auditions are this weekend! Yay!)

- written this post.

And since I'm not finished procrastinating yet, and maybe neither are you -- here's some other links to keep you busy...

I'm trying to figure out the fastest route to the HAJET Fall Meeting this weekend, and so far my usually favorite Hokkaido Road Navigation Website is letting me down. Just because I don't live on a completed expressway (or because my town has less than 5000 people), doesn't mean I don't deserve love too! Lots of fun stuff, including live webcams to Hokkaido roads, and a map of accident-prone locations in Sapporo!

Also good for travelling here in Hokkaido, the amazingly thorough Yahoo Japan Weather Forecast (yes, this site is in Japanese). And you know what? It's usually unbelievably accurate. My theory as to the excessiveness of Japanese weather forecasts? In a society where asking questions about one's personal life are usually considered rude, talking about the weather is often one of the few safe topics.

And something just for fun (okay, maybe just fun for me), this page: the guy that brought us dancing lessons now has a video blog! Right. I like it, and you are bound to be able to find something fun to occupy your time here.

Okay. I have procrastinated for long enough. For now...

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