Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Me vs. The Vegetable Fairy

One of my biggest small town challenges: What to do with the anonymous bags of food that appear on my doorstep? I can barely finish one before the next batch is here. And leaving for the weekend only makes it worse. I came home on Sunday to not one, but two bags of vegetables! Potatoes, one bag. Daikon. Red pepper. Tomatoes. Eggplant. Japanese Pumpkin (Kabocha). That brings my pumpkin tally this week to four. And this after being given a bag on Thursday before I left! Tomatoes, a full shopping bag. Hot peppers! More eggplant.
I think I get so much food because people don't see me very much in the grocery store. And the reason they don't see me in the grocery store is because I have to think of what to do with all these vegetables they bring me! It's a vicious cycle. That, and it's harvest season, and most people keep large gardens.

So any suggestions for a good recipe that freezes well and can use up all those pumpkins would be appreciated!


fvr8toy said...

The lake looks serene like it is out in the wilderness. Had looked at it briefly the other day. Today we were at the Colleseum and Pallatine - it was a hot a tiring day. Mom has her feet in the sink.

Granville Is. Go Go's said...

You could make pumkin pie and freeze them. Then in around Thanksgiving you could give them to your neighbours as a thank you and/or take them into your students to introduce some western culture. Just an idea, but pumpkin pie does freeze well. The lake looks really beautiful, makes me want to go camping : )

anyram said...

Japanese pumpkins are not the same as western pumpkins! They're very small squash, but as Thanksgicing is coming up, maybe I'll experiment with pie... But I've got a really tiny oven too! It's basically a toaster oven.