Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Typhoon 14

Yes, there is a big typhoon headed straight for Hokkaido. In Japan it's simply named typhoon 14. Everywhere else is calling it typhoon Nabi (Korean for butterfly). I was supposed to teach at one of the small town Elementary schools tomorrow, but the school is going to be closed because of the storm. It's really windy right now, and has been raining all day.

The storm has been downgraded, but there are still some weather warnings for Hokkaido. People are really concerned because it's nearly harvest time, and a big storm like this could ruin this year's rice crop. Apparently, a big typhoon hit last year and wiped out the buckwheat crop (used for making soba noodles).

Off to put my bike in the shed before it blows away!


fvr8toy said...

You need to burn blessed pussy willows from Easter to keep the big storm away.

anyram said...

Luckily, I think the typhoon lost a lot of power once it got to us. Here, at least, I didn't see too much damage -- mostly just fallen tree branches.