Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pasukon English

I know I've writting about having to translate pasukon english, but I don't think I've ever posted an example. Today is you lucky day. Try your luck with the following:

The goodwill friendship exchange for the junior high school students, between Japan and Canada in 2005 had expected results and no problems.
The exchange enterprise undertaken over 11 days from July 23 to August 2 was experience precious to a student. I am thankful to you that this exchange concerned from the bottom of my heart. Exchange greets the 10th time by the end of this year. This exchange is the limited opportunity which can actually experience a life in foreign culture for the children who bear a new time. Children have to make a living as earth family’s member. Furthermore, in future society, pulling together and living all together is called for strongly.
There are many things which children learned from living with the men of Canada in both short periods.
As for the students who did precious experience, a spread is looked at by relation of the heart. Developing from the spread is beyond imagination.
The problem arose the middle until it returns from a start.
However, it is a delightful limitation that the planned plan was able to be returned to the town, without causing big confusion by adequate judgment of a leader downward.
When every students have and realize their dream, how does it employ efficiently? It is sure that the student of the K. junior high school also cultivates a life of him focusing on the children who realized wonderfulness of the encounter with people and a man. Finally, on the occasion of this exchange, I am thankful to the exchange enterprise persons concerned by making K. Town into the start.
H. Town develop increasingly and friendship goodwill exchange being more substantial.
Thank you very much.

Edit: I should add, this is a computer generated translation. That explains why some of the vocabulary is pretty advanced, while the text makes no sense. Of course, the same could be said of some scientific papers I have read...
"Pasukon" is Japanese for personal computer.

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