Tuesday, October 25, 2005

First Snow of the Year

I'm sitting at my desk in the teacher's office (yes, very hard at work). And outside, the snow is falling. It started over second period -- I was warming up the Grade 7's and looked outside, and the snow was a coming down.

It isn't accumulating. At least for now.

It'll be back. And then it will snow until May. I'm not looking forward to it.




No, I'm not really *that* freaked out about the coming winter. I'm trying to scare myself about how much snow there will be here, so when it comes, I'll be expecting boatloads. But it doesn't help that everyone in town tells me about how much it snows here. And how cold it gets. Which wouldn't be so bad if I had more than a kerosene heater to keep my big apartment warm. I should have known there was a downside to the big apartment!

And yes, living in Victoria did turn me into a wuss.

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Granville Is. Go Go's said...

I am with you. Snow in October!! I think you have a good strategy. I always assume movies will be bad and then I am plesantly surprised when they are good.

Baba was here yesterday and today. David and I went out alone!! We decided to just go for drinks and talk. I ended up talking mostly about Vasyl, but it was nice to be out on our own.

Put on your Parka and wool socks!! Too bad you don't have a fireplace.