Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Japanese Civil Servant

Yes, I am really a government employee. Along with everyone else, today I went for a physical. Height (166cm -- I wish I'd known my height in centimeters earlier!), weight, blood, urine, sight, hearing, and a chest x-ray. Another chest x-ray. I had to have one before I was hired too.

This is an annual event for everyone employed by the government. It was an interesting experience for me with my minimal Japanese. "Where the hell are your veins?" is something I understand in every language. I also really know left (hidari 左) and right (migi 右) in Japanese now. That eye exam was good practice.


fvr8toy said...

The multiple chest X rays are theraputic - they are "steralizing your lungs.

Anonymous said...

hey, you could have gotten out of that! I told them 'I already had it done to get into the JET programme' and they believed me! ^o^/