Thursday, October 27, 2005

Girly Girl

Today was a fun teaching day -- I was at one of the local Kindergartens. Too bad it was only for an hour, and the rest of the day was spent trying to come up with something more exciting to do than study Japanese. Trust me, that gets old.

I love teaching at kindergarten. Today I taught the kids "Alice the Camel". Numbers, animals, violence; all those good things. The best part was as I was leaving and I had kids jumping on me telling me how much they liked class. Always gratifying. And Japanese kids are so ridiculously cute! Not as cute as my nephew, but still really cute. Even the four-year-olds with mullets. Okay, ESPECIALLY the four-year-olds with mullets.

I did get a chance to get outside today though. What with the winter coming on, it was time to change over to winter tires. You would have thought that I could handle this myself -- I know I did. But this being my town, my supervisor and one of the other guys in the office took me over to my house this afternoon and changed my tires for me. I got to watch. And put the summer tires back into storage.

Ah.... living in small town Japan... and being a girl.

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