Friday, October 28, 2005

Guessing game

I was playing a game today in the Grade 9 class. One student stands at the front with an animal pinned to their back, and I ask the other students questions to figure out what animal it is. Neither I nor the student at the front can see the picture, and based on my questions, the student has to figure out what animal is pinned to their back.

I asked "Is this an animal that is very big?" (akward sentence, yes, but that was the grammar pattern we were practicing).
The students answered, "So-so."
"Is this an animal that lives in our town?"
"Is this an animal that you eat?"

Turns out it was a bear. I'm hoping this was a language barrier type thing -- bears are scavengers and probably taste pretty nasty. And there's that whole endangered thing. Here, if a bear walks into town looking for food, it gets shot. None of that namby-pamby "relocation" stuff. Shot on sight. Maybe now I understand why. It's like "research" on whales. That involves eating them. Very important research indeed.

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