Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"My Future Dream"

Today's lesson for the Grade 8 Class was using the grammar pattern "to + infinitive".
For example; I went to Osaka to eat takoyaki.

The sample text in the book to teach this pattern? A speech about the benefits of genetically modified foods! Reproduced here in all it's glory!

Aki: Look at this picture. The children are hungry. They need food. My dream is to be a scientist and produce enough food for hungry people. Years ago, scientists produced a new kind of wheat. Why did they produce the new wheat? To help hungry people. The new wheat can fight illness and insects, so you can get a lot of it. Some people are against this kind of food, but it can help hungry people. I want to produce safe new food someday.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Carlos: Yes, the picture was shocking to me. Are there many hungry people in the world?

Aki: Yes. About one billion people cannot get enough food to eat today.

Lin: We're producing new kinds of rice in China. Why are some people against new foods?

Aki: They say, "Some of the new foods may harm other plants and useful insects."

Mr. Brown: Thank you, Aki. You did a good job.

Japanese textbooks are so entertaining.

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