Monday, January 09, 2006

Coming of Age Day

Today is Coming of Age day in Japan. This means that everyone who is 20 years old this year (born in 1985) is an adult now, and can legally drink. Personal birthdays aren't celebrated so much here -- it's the group celebration that counts.

In my town, the celebration was actually yesterday. All of this years twenty-year-olds get dressed up in kimono and celebrate their coming of age. I didn't hear about the ceremony, but I did end up at one of the stops the "new adults" made on their tour of the bars in my town.

I went to my regular bar last night to say hello after my vacation and chat with the ane and the mama who run the bar. It started out as a quiet night, but at some point, thirty newly minted adults filed in. Now, my regular bar is not a big place. So myself and the rest of the regular crowd that were already there were pressed into service, serving drinks and making room for the new grown-ups. I'm sure they were more than a little wierded out to be served drinks by a couple of gaijin, but most of them were a lot of fun. Nervous, and really young, but fun. I had no idea my town had so many 20 year olds!

Happy Coming of Age Day to my いもうと (little sister).

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