Thursday, January 26, 2006

For potential winter visitors to Hokkaido...

"We Are on Alert Against a Fall at Slippery Locations. "

A friend of mine brought me the best brochure from Sapporo. It's geared towards foreign tourists in Sapporo for the Sapporo Snow Festival. I'm guessing that they are primarily from Australia, because it includes such helpful tips as:
* Residents of snowy regions own winter shoes. Unlike summer shoes, these are insulated and waterproof.
* You are more likely to fall when in a hurry, or drunk.
* Fall-prone areas are Odori and Susukino (the entertainment district, see above).
* How to Walk Safely in Winter!

In other Hokkaido tourism news, the dulcet tones of yours truly have been recruited for the Sounkyo Ice Festival (層雲峡氷瀑まつり). I'm sorry to say that it isn't as my JTE suspected, and I will not be making announcements live every night. This afternoon I recorded a message to be played nightly at the Ice festival; welcoming visitors and making a plea for a small donation to support the festival -- you get a free postcard and a discount on a traditional Japanese hot drink in return! After many years of English study, I'm happy to report my pronounciation was excellent. My supervisor and "recording engineer" (the guy with the MD recorder) were impressed. I used my best announcer voice and I didn't even start giggling -- I should really work for CBC radio when I go home.

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