Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Election Day!

Here I sit in my office, with nothing to do until my class this afternoon, and I can't even see what direction my country has decided to go until 10pm ET (12 noon here). So much for the powers of technology! Thanks BC Court of appeals. I suppose I could look for a non-Canadian news outlet, but lets face it -- very few other countries are interested in providing live election coverage of Canadian elections. They aren't that exciting... I'm just cranky because my vote had to be mailed in weeks ago, and my morning is wide open for watching election coverage.

Or not...

I guess I do have class this morning after all. The schedule has been changed. My psychic powers must be on the fritz today.

In other news, it's snowing some more. There was a good foot on my car this morning. Nice fluffy powder stuff. Man I neeed to go skiing! Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day. It was all sunny and nice, and the sun was still out when I left work. Just barely, but it still counts!

What else have I been up to since my last post... not a whole lot. I was in "the city" this weekend. Bought some new shoes and clothes, spent some of my hard earned money. Thought about buying a new PS2 -- the new design is all slim and pretty and would play DVDs. But I wouldn't be able to play any games from home on my return. Stupid regional encoding! Maybe I'll hold off until the PS3 comes out (and I make a final decision about my contract here). I hear rumors that it will be region free. I don't think I'll hold my breath on it though.

I did have the interesting experience of being talked around the other day. Someone was visiting our office, dropping off advertising materials for everyone. I don't get spam in my physical mailbox, I get it at my desk at work. All of them. And I have a lot of desks, because I work at a lot of schools. Anyhow, this woman was dropping off junk mail, and strikes up a conversation with me. Or rather, with my co-worker. Who definitely does not speak English. She is very sweet, and I love her to pieces, but she does not speak English. She asks my co-worker how long I have been here. My co-worker asks me how long I have been here. I answer, in Japanese (true, it is my crap Japanese, but most people can figure out what I'm saying). My co-worker repeats what I have just said. More questions are asked, relayed, answered, relayed and considered. It was a bit surreal. They were all standard questions that I answered in Japanese, through a Japanese interpreter.

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