Friday, April 14, 2006

Another busy weekend

Wow -- I can't believe I've had such a busy week! And the weekend promises to be even more intense. Tomorrow is the inagural HAJET PC Board retreat, so this evening (after a much-deserved power nap) I'll be driving to Ashibetsu.

The plans are a day of meetings, naked bonding at an onsen in the middle of nowhere, and of course an enkai. It should be good. I've got a very busy position, and it looks like I'll have to start the HAJET printing presses ASAP. I've done a very rough inventory, and it looks like I'm almost out of most of our popular titles, and in need of updating the rest of them. Whee! And I want to get these things done at the latest before new JETs arrive at the end of July. Ganbaro!

Sunday I won't be heading home, but to Sapporo to meet my friend Mike. He actually arrives in Hokkaido today, but I have this meeting to go to, so we'll be meeting up on Sunday before heading to my town. I hope he doesn't get lost... Once in my town, he will be treated to experiencing the life of an AET. Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what my life looks like to someone outside of it. And it will be good practice for when mom and dad come to visit in June!

Have an excellent weekend. Love to all!

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