Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, I wanted to be busy...

Ask and you shall receive.

The weekend before last I was in Ashibetsu (home of Anne of Canadian World) meeting with the HAJET PC Board to figure out what we want to achieve this year. I have one of the most labour intensive jobs on the board -- publications. More on that later. That same weekend, I was also in Sapporo for a couple of nights where I lived it up on the town. I don't get there terribly often, so I have to make it worth my while.

I also met up with my good friend Mike, who was on the second week of a three week whirlwind tour of Japan. I took him out on the town in Sapporo, and then back to my little town where I showed him a few days in the life of an ALT, including a visit to my Junior High School, the local juku teacher's house, and a curry night with some of my nearby friends.

The following weekend was of course more musicalling. It was our last rehearsal before performances start up next month, and the show is really starting to look good. Hopefully we will be video taping at least one performance, because I want a copy.

And that brings us to today -- one of the few nights I have nothing planned. Actually, tonight I am treating myself to an early bedtime and some relaxation. Between enkais, meetings, rehearsals, school and HAJET, I feel like I haven't slept all month. My JTE says I look it.

I will be posting more soon, but not tonight. Tonight I'm crashing early.

Until my next update, here's a Japanese article about the workshop I helped out with in Shihoro a few weeks ago. That's me teaching the children of Shihoro (and a bunch of Hokkaido ALTs) how to do our "Big Finale". From here. I haven't read it yet, or I'd give you non-Japanese readers (I currently read at about a Grade 2 level -- woo hoo!) a summary. Enjoy the picture.

子供たち笑顔でダンス 「北海道プレヤーズ」研修会
道内の外国語指導助手(ALT)でつくる自主的なミュージカル集団「北海道プレヤーズ」のワークショップが、9日午後2時から町総合研修センターで開かれた。町内外の子供たちが参加し、メンバーと一緒にダンスを楽しんだ。 同集団は9年前から活動し、毎年ミュージカル公演などを道内各地で行っている。今年はニューヨークのギャングをユーモラスに描いた「ガイズ&ドールズ」を5月に音更町などで公演する。約40人のメンバーには町のALTスチュアート・グレゴリー・エドワードさんも参加している。 この日、小学生や保護者ら約20人が参加。初めにメンバーが「ガイズ-」の2幕の1場面を披露した。ワークショップでは、子供たちは緊張気味だったが、ゲームでリラックスしてメンバーと一緒にダンスを体験。 「ガイズ-」の最後の場面のバックダンスを教わって体を動かすと笑みがこぼれ、参加した宮部純香さん(上士幌小4年)は「楽しかった」と笑顔だった。 「ガイズ-」の公演日程は、岩見沢市民会館文化センター(5月13日午後5時、495円)、新冠レコード館(同20日午後5時、大人700円、中学生以下500円)、音更町文化センター(同27日午後5時、同)。ホームページアドレスは、http://www.hajet.org/ 問い合わせは町教委(01564・5・4733)へ。(新目七恵)

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