Friday, April 28, 2006

Golden Week Holiday

This will be my last post this week, as next week I'm fleeing Hokkaido in search of cherry blossoms. It's golden week -- a series of public holidays when the price of accomodation and travel skyrockets and everyone in Japan is on the road.

I'll be driving down to Tohoku with a friend of mine to see what there is to see in Hakodate and Aomori. We'll be staying at an old-school onsen (no electricity, mixed sex baths, the works). I'm looking forward to a week of vacation. After the month of busy-busy I've had, I could use a break.

Tell you all about it when I get back, hopefully with pictures of cherry blossoms and springtime!

Love to everyone!


Granville Is. Go Go's said...

How did the real thing compare with the book I sent you? Was the book any good, it was reviewed well in the Globe?

anyram said...

No hitching this year -- maybe next year...
"Hitching Rides With Buddha" was awesome though. Probably funnier now that I've lived in Japan and had a chance to see that the author (Will Ferguson?) wasn't making things up.