Sunday, March 12, 2006

HAJET Winter Meeting in Furano, or I question my sanity for taking a position on the PC Board

I just got back from Furano -- land of lavender, skiing and bellybuttons, and the location of this year's winter meeting. As the geographic center of Hokkaido, Furano makes a good spot for a winter meeting. And the ski hill is excellent. Good thing, considering HAJET meetings are generally excuses for getting together with other JETs and having some fun.

This meeting wasn't all fun and games though. After I decided to stay here another year, I talked myself into joining the HAJET PC Board. Specifically, tackling the publications job. I figure it's a good way to keep busy over the summer break and will look nice on future resumes. However, now that I'm on the board I actually have to show up to the meetings. Which means I didn't actually get to go skiing or snowboarding. I was planning to go in the afternoon, but it decided to rain and I didn't want to face being a beginner snowboarder in the rain.


The publications coordinator is apparently one of the worst jobs on the PC Board, and there is always a problem finding someone to fill the position. No wonder. As I type, my little car is full of books and papers that go with the job. Responsibilities for which include taking book orders, shipping books, and the dreaded printing of books. Which is, according to my predecessor, the worst part of the job. And that seemed to be all there was to tell me. I have a masssive binder of information to sort through tomorrow, so it's cool that I have a day at the office.

Despite the supposed horrid-ness of the job, I think it will actually be a lot of fun. The rest of the PC board is really genki to do things, and being involved with stuff is good. And as a bonus, I get to be in charge of making books.

The rest of the weekend was fun. We had a big enkai at the hotel where we also held a bunch of fund-raisers for ECC. There was a bake sale (I made a chocolate cake), a "Pitch a yenny" drive, and the annual talent show. We've got some very talented people among us, and with free flowing alcohol there was a lot of audience participation. With all the enkais I've been to this week, my liver will be happy to hear that I'll be taking a break, at least until next weekend when we have a musical rehearsal in Muroran. Which is very far from where I live. I'm not looking forward to the driving part, but I hear that our hosts there are setting up some snowshoeing!

Off to bed now, as tomorrow I have to dig out my driveway (again) because it definitely wasn't raining here while I was away.

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