Thursday, March 23, 2006

The wedding singer

I got a call at the office this afternoon from my neighboring ALT, Miss Jeshie.

"So, anyram, what're yuh doin next Saturday?"
"ummm... I don't know. Why?"
"Well, a friend of mine just stopped by my office. She's getting married that weekend and they don't have any entertainment for the reception. And she heard that I sing with a band..."
"Okay... Wait a minute. Does this mean what I think it does?"
"It does indeed."
"So your friend wants you to be the singer at her wedding reception, and you want me to keep you in tune?"
"That would be correct."

Followed by a minute of continuous laughter.

So it looks like I will get to live out my dreams of being a cheezy lounge singer, and going to a Japanese wedding. At the same time. The woman getting married is really in to English, and they're very young. Jeshie's theory is that this is payback for all the singing she made them do at her eikaiwa (English conversation) class. Here's our playlist.

Moon River
Mamma Mia
All My Lovin'
Can't Takle My Eyes off of You
Sakura Bon (cheezy Japanese pop for the big encore)

Coming soon to a Japanese wedding reception near you!

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