Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hakkousha no daihyousha

My official Japanese title as the Publications mistress.
Try saying it five times fast.
Having a Japanese title other than eigo shidou joshu (assistant english teacher) or even the more casual eigo no sensei (english teacher) makes me feel so powerful.

Many thanks to Miss Jeshie for translating my title and making me an official reciept. You know people don't like the job when they haven't even bothered to make up an official reciept for selling books. I think I only had it done because one of our members bought seven copies of one book for her Board of Education this weekend. And they won't pay her back without a reciept.


girl said...

Hi,just wondering how do you post hirangana on the post?Because whenever i try typing hiragana and publish it,it will turn out to be some weird symbols.

anyram said...

I had to download all sorts of Japanese language things from Microsoft to get Japanese fonts to work on my computer. If you have all of the correct readers and fonts and stuff it should work. Ganbatte kudasai.