Thursday, March 30, 2006

So cruel...

I was checking my email this afternoon, and when I signed out there was a link to this page, promising me 20 minutes of hockey highlights. How exciting! Finally, MSN provides something more interesting than TomKat's latest shenanigans (I can't believe that girl is crazy/stupid enough to go through with the silent birthing chamber thing) and the tragic split of Nick and Jessica. Not that I ever read that crap. Ever.

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link, the message I received was, "Sorry! We have detected that you are accessing this site from outside of Canada. This service is available in Canada only."

Oh, you'll be sorry alright. Just wait until I've finished training my armies of adorable Japanese preschoolers to wreak my vengeance upon you. Pure kawaii powers! Don't taunt me with hockey and then tell me I can't watch it because I don't currently reside in Canada! A thousand kanchos upon you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maryna

Lance (Jacques) here.

So, no hockey?

What do you want to hear..

He shoots, he scores?

Who you favor and I'll see if I can get a clip to post?

Hope all is well over there and how long you staying?

anyram said...

Hey Lance! Good to hear from you! I was just unexpectedly excited to see a link to twenty minutes of Flames highlights. That hometown pride... As much as I like to watch sumo, I would have liked to be able to watch a little hockey. I'll just have to wait until the next time I'm home.

I've told my office I'll be staying another year here, so I'll be in Japan until July 2007. Yes, I will be visiting home before that!